Hollow is an art exhibition that will tour over 6 month across 4 galleries in wales. In each location there will be opportunities for the public to make work as a part of the exhibition. all ages welcome.

EXhibition partners

Aberystwyth Arts Centre                        23 Mar - 07 May 2016

Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth         13 May - 10 July 2016

Undegun Gallery, Wrexham                     21 May - 2 July 2016   

YMCA, Pontypridd (with the Muni)          16 July - 27 August 2016










Opening & gallery talk: Fri 1 April 2016 @ 6pm

Symposium, hosted by Centre for Cultures of Place, ILLCA: Wed 13 April @ 7pm

Performance workshops: Sat 16 & Sun 17 April, for various ages, booking recommended

The art of representation: To coincide with Wales Festival of Architecture hosted by RSAW. The exhibition will be presented with a scale model, drawings of the art work in development and opportunites to make and unmake.

The artwork will be completely re-imagined during the exhibition.


Opening & gallery talk: Friday 13 April 2016

With writer/artist/poets: Lucy Gough, Naomi Heath and Nicky Arscott.

Storytelling workshop: 1 June

Treasures and Tales: Theatre workshop working to explore and create stories using the objects hidden away in the boxes with theatre maker, Kerrie Reading who specialises in making theatre with and for young people.

Mining for stories: Enter a microcosm of the Museum's archive and delve inside the boxes to discover the 'ore' of objects and how we transform them through story and symbol into something 'other' in people's minds.

UNDEGUN, WREXHAM/ hosted by this project

Close event: Friday 1 July 2016

'The Hollow Town'

Artist talk in the context of the changes caused by the recent Brexit vote exploring solutions for positive change, hope, society and peace.




Creative Destruction: The artwork will be completely re-imagined during the exhibition.

Following the symposium at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Jenny invited Niall Maxwell's studio to design an iteration of Hollow.

His studio's response was a spherical shelter that took inspiration from the earth and its core.

Jenny felt the symmetrical design lent itself to the Undegun gallery and to hosting the wide program of events they offer.

Perceived as a 'room within a room' by This Project director Dave Gray, Hollow as shelter, housed spoken word, music performances, live theatre as well as quiet times as a free space.

YMCA Pontypridd in partnerships with MUNI ARTS CENTRE and artis

Closing celebration: Thursday 25 August 18:00-20:30

With special guests including Jonathon Adams, architect of the Wales Millenium Centre

The potential of a void: The old YMCA sits at a point in time. Doors closed, it awaits regeneration and yet inside, for a limited time only, Hollow offers itself as a destination for exploration.

Designed as a future ruin, this memorial to an imagined civilisation takes inspiration from welsh castles and burial mounds.