Thinking outside the box - Cambrian News article / by Jenny Hall

Image by Cambrian photographer

Written and posted by Julie Mc Nicholls Vale for the Cambrian News

Published in print, South editions 31 March and online 3 April.

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TAKING a copper mine as a source of inspiration, a new exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre explores the creative destruction involved in the act of construction. 

The mine in Jenny Hall’s exhibition, which is called Hollow and officially opens on 1 April, is represented as a large hollow sculpture in the gallery and cardboard boxes represent the ‘ore’ that has been extracted from inside. Cardboard, which connects together with magnets, is good for expressing a thing displaced, said Jenny.

At different stages throughout the exhibition the sculpture will be rebuilt. Constructed on a large, mirrored floor, it encourages visitors to consider the relationship between the spaces we create above and below the ground.

“Mines have faded in our minds as we no longer reach for the coal scuttle or travel by steam engine, but we continue to rapidly build a world on the surface of the same size if not the same shape as the subterranean world that we excavate,” said Jenny.

The public are invited to move, stack, connect and build with the loose boxes and the scale model to explore building structures and creating empty space.

‘Hollow’ will be open in Gallery 1 of Aberystwyth Arts Centre until 7 May. There will be an official opening night on Friday (1 April), in the gallery from 6pm. Admission free, all welcome.

Connected events include a symposium exploring exhibition themes on Wednesday, 13 April, 7pm in Gallery 1, and performance workshops on 16 and 17 April.

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